Join Our Tribal Canoe Journey

Celebrate the resilience of indigenous communities and their culture

We would like to invite you on an epic spiritual journey with our Canoe family.

The purpose of this journey is to help indigenous peoples and beyond restore and strengthen a culture of dignity, compassion and 'hózhǫ́' (Navajo/Diné for harmony, balance, beauty) through a year-long indigenous wellness program integrated with the annual Tribal Canoe Journey.

Starting in the spring and through the fall, we will work with a group of people committed to participating in the Canoe Journey through an indigenous wellness and integration program to heal depression, anxiety and addiction. It is based on reconnecting in right relations to our ancestors, through a program called Generational Expansion that has been served to 300 Indigenous peoples throughout the Salish territories. It involves systemic trauma informed care, traditional healing practices, and the Canoe Journey protocol. The central theme is integration, where direct care, group support and the Canoe Journey itself are braided into a wellness practice that becomes a way of life supported by others, for life, and not a one-time experience.

We would you like to be a participant in some way, whether it's being a participant in the Generational Expansion program, Canoe Journey, support circles or all of the above:

  • Generational Expansion Program: A six-month program braiding traditional ways, ancestral connection and neuroscience to develop a clear understanding of self to recover from negative impacts of past generations, find the wellness potential in the present, and shape a regenerative future for themselves.
  • Tribal Canoe Journey: An annual gathering of Indigenous Nations through a canoe journey with over a hundred canoes followed by a week-long celebration, generating a spiritual significance for tens of thousands of people at once. Pull in a canoe, support from land, and/or join the celebration.
  • Advocates of Sacred Support Circles: Join a monthly gathering of participants in helping each other heal, be well, become stronger, support others, advocate and learn to lead, both in person and online.

There is generational trauma in everyone, notably in Indigenous Communities. Generational trauma spans centuries, one of the most devastating results of colonialism present today. There are few reliable sources to support healing and wellness for generational trauma. We are developing places for people to heal in relationship, heal in community, as physical local places of healing and wellness (see example at Our vision is a place of wellness and integration in each community, to recover, be well and advocate for love, peace and harmony.